Healthy Living in 2016

THE TIME IS NOW to set new sites on taking care of your health! Making small changes daily can add years to your life and what better way to kickoff the New Year than by experiencing the benefits of Therapeutic Massage. Massage not only de-stresses you, but it alleviates sore muscles, heals injuries and helps with certain health conditions, promoting overall wellness.

There are many different massage styles and each serves its purpose depending on your needs. So which massage style best suits your condition? At LaVida Massage, our trained and professional Massage Therapists are here to help determine which treatment is right for you. They sit with you, listen to your needs, and recommend the proper technique based on your symptoms. These techniques range from long, smooth strokes to short, powerful impactful ones. Some therapists recommend oils and lotions, while others do not and your massage session may last from a half hour to two hours depending on your needs.

The education you receive through our LaVida Massage Therapists addresses which type of massage is right for you:  relaxation or stress control, symptom relief or help with certain health conditions. Your massage also depends on age, condition or any special needs or goals you have set.

Taking care of your health in 2016, by adding massage therapy to your existing lifestyle, is one way to set a new goal for the New Year. Get to know your body and what it’s telling you and let LaVida Massage Therapists walk you through the best experience ever. You can feel the difference! Book your massage today and take the first step to a healthier, happier life.